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A bit of background

In order to practice veterinary medicine or operate an animal control facility in the state of Maryland a license must be obtained from the Department of Agriculture’s State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (SBVME), or VetBoard for short. Recently, VetBoard decided to upgrade their system - moving from a paper-based process to an efficient digital system.

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Areas for

The scope of this project was to take VetBoard’s pre-existing paper system and convert it to an easy-to-use online portal where the board, applicants, and the general public could all benefit. By going digital we helped to eliminate the inconsistency, inefficiency, and general hassle of a legacy paper process - the kind we see plaguing so many of our clients.

Our solution

The new VetBoard licensing portal is built to accommodate not only the applicant and the approver, but also the general public. Applicants can easily search for, apply, and complete payments for five types of licenses; renew an existing license; log continuing education credits; and check the status of their application. Members of the public can search for licensed veterinarians, registered technicians, and facilities, as well as file complaints.

Maryland Department of Agriculture VetBoard home page on desktop

Salesforce stores all of the data gathered from the applicant and public facing portal. Our implementation automatically adjusts status, completes validation efforts, and delivers notifications. Admins login directly to Salesforce to manage data.

New features

Maryland VetBoard Portal Licenses Dashboard

User dashboard

The user dashboard gives a summary view of an individual user's license, its status, and the user's logged continuing education credits. Users can also begin or complete applications from their dashboard.

License application
and renewal

Applicants no longer have to print, complete, and mail paper forms. All applications can be completed or renewed within the licensing portal.

Maryland Veterinarian License Application
Maryland Search Veterinarians VetBoard portal


No more combing through the internet or overturning filing cabinets; our system is equipped with a search engine so that users and the public can easily search the most up-to-date information about licensed professionals and facilities.

Public complaint
& licensee listings

In addition to the licensee search feature, the public also has the ability to file a complaint against a licensee as necessary.

File a complaint with the Maryland Department of Agriculture Vetboard
Logging continuing education credits for Maryland VetBoard

Education logging

Users can provide proof of their license eligibility and keep their account up-to-date by logging continuing education credits directly in the system.

Advanced reporting

As a Salesforce implementation, admin users have access to the platform’s reporting features. Admins can see completed versus pending renewals, or they can filter by a varied set of criteria, such as a period of time, a status, a type of application, or virtually any data point.

Salesforce report