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A bit of background

Prior to 2018, the Maryland government had been grappling with a series of outdated paper processes for awarding state licenses and permits. Applications were housed on individual department websites and had to be printed and processed by hand.

With more than 300 different applications available, for everything from a state driver’s license to a fishing permit, citizens were tasked with navigating dozens of agency websites to locate forms, and government employees had the difficult task of maintaining a complex approval process.

Signing a paper-based document Sealing a paper-based document

Time for a change

In 2017, the Hogan administration introduced a Customer Service Promise pledging to provide services that are accessible and convenient to Maryland citizens.

To make good on their promise, the administration took the initiative to change their current processes and create an easier, more efficient system that would benefit both government employees and the citizens of the state of Maryland.

Working together
to create a solution

The Governor’s Office learned about our team’s involvement in helping government agencies integrate digital systems that seek to streamline complex processes. Our team was able to work directly with the government to assess their current system’s benefits and pain points and then create a custom solution that would help the government save time, money, and paper, in addition to fulfilling their customer service promise.

Our partnership created the Maryland OneStop Licensing Portal - the one place where government employees and Maryland citizens can find everything they need to either create and process or apply for and renew a license, permit, or certification.

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Improvements for all:

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Citizens and government employees can easily search
for licenses, permits, and certifications by agency or name.

Maryland OneStop eForms search licenses and permits page
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Important info at a glance:

All important information that citizens need to know before they begin the submission process is presented in a highly readable summary on the license or certification page.

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With the creation of the Maryland OneStop Licensing Portal, Maryland’s government has transitioned much of their costly paper processes into one highly usable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly digital system.

A lasting impact

With the introduction of our solution, Maryland is “ranked second among all fifty states in emerging technologies and innovation by the Center for Digital Government” (Office of Governor Larry Hogan) as noted in a press release from the Hogan Administration. Governor Larry Hogan also stated that:

This exciting and innovative new portal will make the licensing and permitting process more customer-friendly for Marylanders than ever before.

Larry Hogan

Governor of Maryland

The Maryland OneStop Licensing Portal is not only saving state funds, but it is also saving precious time and natural resources - proving that the paperless process is making an immeasurable impact on our governing agencies.