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We are proud of our past consulting projects and want them to be the baseline of what we strive to achieve with future projects. Discover more about some of our past projects by reading the case studies below.

MDOT Tag Builder Screen MDOT IT Access Request Sample Form

MDOT eForms

Maryland Department of Transportation

We believe that the future of government is digital, so when the Maryland Department of Transportation took the initiative to build a better form building and approval process, we knew that creating one, centralized, digital system was the way to go. MDOT eForms is equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, customizable workflows, form submission and approval capabilities, and real-time status updates.

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Maryland OneStop Portal

Maryland Licensing Program

The Maryland OneStop Licensing Portal was developed at the request of Governor Larry Hogan in order to help fulfill his administration’s Customer Service Promise. OneStop is a modern, digital system that seeks to replace outdated paper processes. Government employees can easily build forms with drag-and-drop functionality and create custom, digital workflows to make sure that forms and licenses end up in the inbox of the right approver - every time.

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Maryland OneStop Search Licenses Screen Maryland OneStop Licenses and Permits

MSEC Financial
Disclosures Portal

Maryland State Ethics Commision

The MSEC Financial Disclosures Portal was created at the request of the Maryland State Ethics Commission. The commission requires that all government employees and elected officials of a certain status file a Financial Disclosure Statement on an annual basis. Our project served to replace MSEC’s pre-existing digital system by modernizing the functionality and revamping the user experience.

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Vetboard Portal

Department of Agriculture’s State Board of
Veterinary Medical Examiners

The VetBoard Portal is a Salesforce-backed licensing portal we developed for the Department of Agriculture’s State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (SBVME), aka VetBoard, for the state of Maryland. Our goal in creating the portal was to take VetBoard’s paper-based processes and convert them into an easy-to-use online system that accommodates not only applicants and approvers, but also the general public.

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Maryland Department of Agriculture VetBoard Portal