Quantitative UX Researcher

Job Posted: Apr 27 2021
Location: Washington, DC

Enovational Corp is a fast growing technology startup building web and mobile applications. We specialize in delivering award-winning user experiences paired with solid technology, as both client solutions and our own consumer products. And we believe our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s talents and unique perspectives.

So when we say we are looking for a Quantitative Researcher, yes, we want someone with skills in behavioral data analysis, experimental and survey research, and statistics, but we also need an exceptionally curious person who helps bolster the voice of our users. We need another team member who will do what it takes to help us shape amazing products and user experiences.

What you might do on any given day:

  • Work closely with product teams and UX to identify strategic research objectives and build hypotheses 

  • Design and execute multi-method studies that address both qualitative and quantitative data, using the right methodology for the right questions

  • Analyze data and generate insights that shape how teams think about short-, medium- and long-term product strategy

  • Identify what’s important and prioritize discoveries for upcoming design development and future research

  • Tell the story of the data through collaboration with visual thinkers and visualization tools for leadership and your peers

  • Support solutioning teams in data-driven prototyping with a foundation of understanding and directional information

  • Own existing data-gathering processes by proposing new tools, adapting processes, and building up skills in others, including Google Analytics

  • Deep-dive into spreadsheets, sticky notes, and dashboards to shape actionable discoveries from information in different forms

We think you’ll enjoy working with our team if you:

  • Enjoy thinking and working in systems to solve complex, real-world problems. You bring clarity and direction to ambiguous situations through solid analytical abilities

  • Have an open mind. You like exploring multiple paths and validating several outcomes.

  • Are a perpetual learner and excited to learn about and try out new technologies, processes, and ideas.

  • Are genuinely passionate about what you do. 

  • Have a positive yet practical attitude. You are willing to take on any task that might help take one of our products a little further.

  • Love to bring others along with you. You like to use your expertise to bring clarity and strength to others, and enjoy teaching others new things.

  • You enjoy tackling new problems on a regular basis. The novelty of different skills, methods, information and team members makes work more fun for you.

  • You naturally think about problems from the user’s point of view, and you are motivated primarily to improve products for users.

This position might not be for you if you:

  • Are not comfortable working in an Agile environment, in which priorities and problems can change at a moment’s notice.

  • Are not comfortable navigating quantitative data, spreadsheets, or do not understand statistics with technical depth and applied practical skills

  • Find that too much information, or too much autonomy, to be overwhelming.

  • Prefer owning a project individually rather than working collaboratively.

  • Have trouble with ambiguity and uncertainty.

  • Tend to jump to conclusions or struggle with exploring multiple paths in parallel. 

If you’re interested in applying:

Candidates for this position will have at least 2 years of experience working with behavioral data, applied statistics, research design,  web analytics or Google Analytics specifically, as well as strong communication and organization skills. Programming basic algorithmic processes and experience in R, Python, Matlab, or other general-purpose languages to munge and interact with data is preferred. UX industry knowledge is not required, but an understanding of human-centered research and design best practices is a bonus. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel (or Google Sheets, you do you) is preferred. Our ideal candidate has training in one or more of the following fields: Applied Statistics, Economics and Social Studies, Human Computer Interaction, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychological Statistics, Psychology, Digital Marketing, or equivalent degree. We’re a growing company and care very much about creating an amazing work environment with great growth opportunities, and hope that you’ll join us early on and help shape a bright and exciting future for our ambitious company.

To apply, fill out the form below and submit:

  • Your resume

  • A cover letter that includes a story, however brief, of how data influenced a project of which you were a part

  • A portfolio of relevant documents, such as reports, research plans, dashboards, etc.

If you have any additional questions, please contact careers@enovational.com

Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Laws:

Please review the materials linked below, from the United States Department of Labor, to learn more.