Project Assistant

Category: Project & Client Management
Job Posted: Dec 09 2021
Location: Washington, DC

Enovational is a fast growing technology startup building web and mobile applications. We specialize in delivering award-winning user experiences paired with cutting edge technology, as both client solutions and our own consumer products. We believe our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s talents and unique perspectives.

So when we say we are looking for an Project Assistant, yes, we do need someone who can provide support for one or more of our Product Managers, but what we’re looking for is another team member who is versatile enough to help with—and grow in—a number of different professional disciplines and will do what it takes to help us shape amazing products.


  • Learn to assist the Product Managers in translating ideas and requirements into user stories that will guide our development team in not only what to build, but also provide context as to who will be using the various features and why
  • Assist in the creation and maintenance of deliverables for internal technical teams and clients, such as user stories, product roadmaps, and training documentation
  • Interface with clients and end-users to support the Product Managers in identifying challenges and opportunities for improvement in existing processes and solutions
  • Review and analyze documents from clients to produce findings and present to the team
  • Collaborate with Product Managers by monitoring communications and emails from internal and external personnel
  • Participate in testing efforts by experiencing the product the way a user would and providing feedback and communicating errors to the technical team
  • Manage necessary logistics for conference calls, meetings, and/or demos, including coordinating complex meeting schedules and reserving conference rooms
  • Record and log meeting minutes from internal and external project meetings

We’re a small team so there will be a lot of getting-it-done without worrying about who is “supposed” to do it. So in addition to being the glue that helps bind our office together, you will also get on-the-job training from senior team members so you can help with other types of work, such as:

  • Business Analysis - Collaborating with stakeholders to translate client and users needs into product requirements, use cases, and agile user stories
  • Project Management - Creating status reports that keep our clients informed about our team’s performance and progress
  • Quality Assurance - Testing products, assessing quality factors affecting functionality and design specifications, and documenting problems and defects
  • Training & Support - Assisting users in troubleshooting, collecting feedback, and educating our customers on how to get the most out of our products
  • Training & Support - Collecting feedback on our solutions and assisting users by troubleshooting and educating them on how to get the most out of our products


  • Love interacting and communicating with people; You’re not only a great listener, but you also know how to share and present to others
  • Are eager to learn more about the different roles, types of work, and skill sets it takes to build web and mobile applications
  • Don’t get overwhelmed or flustered easily. You’re able to keep track of multiple tasks at once, manage your time efficiently, and appropriately prioritize your work
  • Take initiative, aren’t afraid to fail, ask thoughtful questions, and constantly seek better ways of working and communicating
  • Have a positive yet practical attitude; You are willing to take on any task that might help take one of our products, or our company, a little further


  • Have a hard time multitasking and prefer to focus on a single duty at a time
  • Aren't comfortable working directly with clients and users, and not willing to travel to Maryland or D.C. to meet with them in person
  • Work better in structured environments or have trouble with ambiguity and uncertainty


Our ideal candidate is going to hold an associate's or bachelor's degree, and we’d love to hear the story of how your degree in Journalism, Marketing, Psychology, Business, or anything else is going to help you add to our team. Previous work experience is a plus, but what we really need is an individual with the passion to learn new skills and do what it takes to help our team be successful. We’re a growing company and care very much about creating an amazing work environment with great growth opportunities, and hope that you’ll join us early on and help shape a bright and exciting future for our ambitious company.

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If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work for Enovational, check out our Company Culture page.

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