Front End Developer

Category: Engineering
Job Posted: Dec 09 2021
Location: Washington, DC

Enovational is a fast growing technology startup building web and mobile applications. We specialize in delivering award-winning user experiences paired with cutting edge technology, as both client solutions and our own consumer products. We believe our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s talents and unique perspectives.

So when we say we are looking for a Front End Developer, yes, we are looking for someone with HTML, CSS, and Javascript prowess and an eye for design, but what we’re hoping for is someone willing to go beyond it into animations, interactions and usability, and even venture into full stack development to help us shape amazing products.


  • Work with a variety of front-end development languages and frameworks to write HTML, CSS/SASS, and JavaScript.

  • Convert comps into web applications that are scalable, accessible, and render effectively across multiple browsers, operating systems, and device types.

  • Write JavaScript or utilize a variety of libraries to power animations, interactions, validations, or even more elaborate applications.

  • Collaborate with product managers, designers, and other developers on different permutations to find the best solution possible.

  • Write unit tests, specs, integration tests, UI tests, and acceptance tests.

  • Assist in the development of pattern libraries or design systems in order to ensure consistent and easily reusable styles.

  • Participate in paired programming with full stack developers.


  • Have amazing attention to detail and delight in creating polished and seamless digital experiences.

  • Bring a passion to stay on top of tech trends, experiment with and learn new technologies.

  • Can be flexible, agile, dependable, and responsive even when there are a lot of moving parts and prefer that over following rigid processes and guidelines.

  • Believe that good application development includes good testing, good documentation, and good collaboration.

  • Have great communication and reasoning skills, including the ability to make a strong case for technology choices while understanding other viewpoints and the need to find the best possible solution for everyone.

  • Have a positive yet practical attitude; You are willing to take on any task that might help take one of our products, or our company, a little further.


  • Are not comfortable with showing unfinished work to clients and users.

  • Want to plan every aspect of an app before starting to code.

  • Want to focus solely on writing HTML/CSS or building Javascript applications.

  • Prefer owning a project or area of code individually rather than working collaboratively.

  • Like having a lot of structure to your work, like defined processes and guidelines.


Our ideal candidate is going to hold a bachelor’s degree, and we’d love to hear the story of how your degree in Computer Science, Interactive Design, Human-Computer Interaction, or anything else is going to help you add to our team. While previous work experience is a plus, what we really need is an individual with the passion to learn new skills and do what it takes to help our team be successful. We’re a growing company and care very much about creating an amazing work environment with great growth opportunities, and hope that you’ll join us early on and help shape a bright and exciting future for our ambitious company.


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If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work for Enovational, check out our Company Culture page.

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