Business Development Analyst

Job Posted: Jul 14 2020
Location: Washington, DC

Enovational Corp is a fast growing technology startup building web and mobile applications. We specialize in delivering award-winning user experiences paired with solid technology, as both client solutions and our own consumer products. And we believe our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other’s talents and unique perspectives.

So when we say we are looking for a Business Development Analyst, yes, we want a concise yet compassionate communicator with an analytical eye (or two) and an enthusiasm for helping clients surpass their productivity goals, but we also need a team member who is dedicated to expanding our business and emphatically believes in the value our services provide.

What you might do on any given day:

  • Assist with the facilitation and development of the business development process to include ensuring timelines and milestones are met.

  • Organize Bid/No-Bid meetings, complete with a slide deck with information from the VP of Strategic Growth or the Chief Business Development Officer.

  • Implement efficient customer communication and feedback channels.

  • Maintain proposal support databases, such as a proposal repository of previously written write ups.

  • Complete and facilitate BD hand offs with our project management team.

  • Maintain key performance metrics including win rate, Pwin, bid rate, etc.

  • Create reports and dashboards monitoring business development metrics, goals, and measurements for key learnings to enhance the overall effectiveness of our internal CRM.

  • Work with leadership to plan and coordinate the implementation of business plans and the penetration of new markets, including at the State and Local Government levels.

  • Develop a pipeline of opportunities that demonstrates continuous progress toward achieving annual targets, such as through conducting opportunity or information searches.

  • Capture, synthesize, and summarize key points from interviews, focus groups, and internal meetings, and translate insights into draft deliverables and products.

  • Edit, standardize, and revise material prepared by other staff members.

  • Support teammates as required and assist as necessary in improving business development, capture, strategic planning, and proposals within the organization.

  • Conduct opportunity and information searches for opportunities

  • Monitor State and Local Government new business opportunities

We think you’ll enjoy working with our team if you:

  • Aren’t afraid to dive deep when an opportunity presents itself, examining the good, the bad, and the potentially risky.

  • Interested in interacting with clients and building relationships

  • Are genuinely passionate about what you do. You are a perpetual learner and excited to experiment with new tools, processes, methods, and ideas.

  • Take initiative, aren’t afraid to fail, ask thoughtful questions, and constantly seek better ways of working and communicating.

  • Have a positive yet practical attitude. You are willing to take on any task that might help take one of our products a little further.

This position might not be for you if you:

  • Aren’t familiar with an Agile development environment, where we may need to change priorities quickly.

  • Prefer to communicate solely with your direct supervisor, and not with the team as a whole.

  • Are not comfortable with showing unfinished work to peers, users, or clients in order to discuss approach and get feedback.

  • Prefer owning a project individually rather than working collaboratively.

  • Aren't comfortable working directly with clients and users, and not willing to travel to Maryland or D.C. to meet with them in person.

  • Work better in structured environments or have trouble with ambiguity and uncertainty.

If you’re interested in applying:

Candidates for this position will have at least one to two years of government contracting experience (internships included), familiarity with Adobe, Gsuite, Microsoft Suite, Miro, and Salesforce, and a familiarity with the Shipley methodology for business development. Our ideal candidate has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Business Administration, or a related field, displays effortless use of open source tools to include eMaryland marketplace and IDIQ/vehicle portals, and demonstrates an ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment under tight deadlines. We’re a growing company and care very much about creating an amazing work environment with great growth opportunities, and hope that you’ll join us early on and help shape a bright and exciting future for our ambitious company.

To apply, fill out the form below and submit:

  • Your resume

  • A cover letter explaining a particularly difficult business decision you were a part of (and what made it so difficult), or simply why you’re interested in this position

  • Any links to portfolios, project reports, or relevant documents.

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